Thursday, October 2, 2008

I hope you didnt forget about us!!

Well hello! Sorry we have not been on in so long, but I feel like we have been going and going so much that when I get a second to myself I just want to sit!!! But Brian is having a guys night, and I am procrastinating on grades, so here we are!

I feel like there is so much I need to catch you all up on, but I don't even know where to begin! My job is going good, it is tough, especially since we are getting into the silly "junior high girl drama", but I really enjoy my new school. It is also so fun since Brian is working there as a supplemental teacher with our choir teacher. I get to see him in the halls every once in a while and then after school most days. It is nice to see someone who you know is on your side and thinks you are doing a good job, especially when you are surrounded by junior high kids all day! I will admit, being a head coach at this age is tough!! And it is extremely hard be over people who are older than you and think they know more than you do, but I am learning and I do feel that I am getting a little thicker skin, and stronger back bone....that could be why my back hurts at the end of the day....or it could be from all the backstabbing...who knows!!! Ha, not really! One thing I can say, I have grown more in this first six weeks than I have through all college and my first year of teaching! Volleyball is so much fun!! I knew that I loved to play volleyball, but I LOVE to coach it. I look forward to practice everyday, and I am sad that we are almost done with our season!!

Riley Update - We still do not know what type of dog lives in our backyard, but he is quite possibly the cutest thing ever!! But this cute dog is also very accident prone!! We have come to know our vet very well, and I have the number on speed dial....well maybe that is a little exaggeration, but we have been to see them multiple times. So the other day we went out to see Riley and his poor little tail was just hanging between his legs, and it is normally wagging uncontrollably. So of course we were worried and took him to see his friend. On our way to the vet we were feeling like terrible parents who couldn't take care of our dog, and that we couldn't afford to take him in as often as we have, so we asked the vet about adoption, and once the words left our mouth the tears started flowing. It was like once we said it out loud we realized how bad of an idea that would be! The vet assured us that we were not bad parents, and as Brian and I sat there crying we decided to get him fixed and see if that would help calm him down. So the next Monday we took him in and we do feel that he is better now....and a little more cuddly!! So our $20 dog who has cost us ..... well way more than $20 is still at home, and snoring on his bed as we speak!! Gotta love him!!!

So, sorry this is so long, but I haven't blogged in forever! Hopefully I can stay a little more updated, but we shall see! Have a great weekend!