Monday, January 19, 2009

Blogger and I were in a fight!

Ugh, I think I am technology dumb!  I spent at least an hour last night...45 minutes this morning and just realized that in order to change my background I couldn't just add a gadget, I have to delete the others in order to get my new picture!  I was literally fighting with it and now I feel a little stupid....OK a lot stupid!  I don't know how every person my age can be so technology savvy and I don't have a clue?  It is like when people our age were born they were given some knowledge about this stuff and I missed the bus!  I feel so left out!!!!  Anyway, I am done with my pity party, I got it changed, I just feel sorry for my keyboard (I think I hit it a little harder than it needed) ha!

Well Brian and I are back in full swing with work and school.  He is busy juggling methods and all the hoopla that goes along with it.  If he can get through the busy work and crazy lesson plans he will be golden!!  I am going full swing with basketball, but also preparing for track.  We found out last week that Atkins is in charge of hosting the first track meet and this year the district changed the meets from two days to one.  So not only am I learning how to host a meet at someone else's track (the middle schools don't have tracks, we have to go to the high schools) I have to figure out how to change all that they have done in the past and make everybody happy!  I know it is possible, but I don't know if it is possible to have it run off in the short amount of time that my coaches are used to.  We (Atkins) were actually not allowed to run off a track meet last year because they ran it off way to fast the year before!  The male coaches are extremely precise in their timing and like to get through things fast!  It will definitely be interesting!!  Maybe a little clashing between me and them...but that is nothing new!!!

Well I guess that is all I have to say for today, sorry no pictures, I don't think you want to see anything from our lives right now (a bunch of smelly middle school kids, or Brian's homework)!!  Not really, the kids don't smell that bad!  We will try to get some photos up soon! Have a great week!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Just a quick hello!

Ok friends and family, I just have a short update because it is getting further and further past my bedtime but I thought we should say hello!!  

The second semester of school is in full swing and I am already exhausted!!  Today was a crazy day at school, everybody showing off their new Christmas clothes (or hooker boots in the case of the kids at my school) and so many hugs for missed friends....middle school kids are too weird!  And just to top the day off we had a game!  Thank goodness my girls decided to come together and get a good win because I was going to be quite evil if we had lost all of our hard work from before Christmas!  So lucky them, I guess I will be nice tomorrow, at least at the first of practice! Ha ha!  

Brian will start methods tomorrow, which is the last set of classes that he takes before student teaching and graduation!! So we are so excited to get this last semester out of the way!  

I am so sad that the Christmas vacation is already over!  We are so blessed to have such great family surrounding us, we just ran and ran all through the holiday trying to get around to see everybody!  First we spent Christmas with my family in Shallowater, then a few days later went to Lovington, then a few days later went to Snyder, and then just a few days after that we were coasting along in sunny California with Brian's family.  We always have so much fun spending time with our families, especially when presents are involved!!  Not just was an added perk!  We really did have a great holiday, it was just too fast!!!

Well, that was just a little snippet of what has been going on in "Cole Land" (that is what Brian's sister's boyfriend Garrett calls the Cole family gatherings) we have so many more stories and pictures to share, but maybe another day when it is not after my bedtime!!