Monday, March 30, 2009

Breaking & Entering

"The Suspect in Custody"

I know that it has been a while since we have last talked, but I was waiting for a blog-worthy moment...tonight it happened!!!

After a long day at work, and Brian had a long day at school we like to just come home and relax.  After dinner, tanning and watching a few shows we were getting ready to go to bed.  Brian went outside to the car to get his ipod and sneaky little Riley snuck out with him.  I had gone back to the bathroom to go potty (I know T-M-I) and I heard this loud crash; I assumed that Riley was just looking out the window and had pulled the mini-blinds down and I was going to be mad.  As I started walking down the hall I noticed glass, and Brian, from outside telling me that the dog had ran through the glass door.  As I rounded the corner I saw Riley cowered over in the dining room and Brian trapped outside with no shoes on....oh ya, and glass all over my house!!  So the first step to recovery was to get the dog outside and shoes on Brian! In the meantime I am trying not to cry because my poor little puppy ran through a door and I knew he was scared, and that he might have been hurt, so I got Riley outside and checked him over...I really needed Shanna tonight, and got Brian some shoes.  Now came the hard part, there was glass from the front door all the way to the opposite wall leading to the backyard and it wasn't like big chunks of glass, there were millions of teensy weensy pieces of glass all over. While Brian took the door off the hinges I started sweeping up the glass...I should have put on real shoes instead of flip flops because little glass pieces were getting all over my feet!!  After about 30 minutes of sweeping and vacuuming we thought we had all the glass up, and it was not until we went to get the dog that we noticed there was glass by the back it got way back here we don't have a clue.  We are so amazed and so thankful that our sweet little puppy (who is not so much of a puppy, obviously he can bust through a glass door) was not hurt at all, no scratches no anything...CRAZY.  So after the feeling to cry went away Brian and I had a good laugh because how often do you hear of a dog running straight through a glass door!!  As far as our door goes...we didn't like that door anyway!!!