Sunday, December 7, 2008

Tiny Dog Free!!

Brian and I (and I guess Riley) are free of little dogs taking over our house!  And that is what they did, we have made jokes about them coming between Brian and I because last night I slept on the couch with the little dogs, and Brian and Riley took the bedroom (they just need lots of lovin)!  We had a great time keeping the dogs, but I think that Riley is glad to have the full attention of his parents again, and I know the little dogs are glad to be back with their parents!!

  He got camera shy!!

Tomorrow is a big game against Mackenzi, so around 6:00 if you happen to be thinking about me, say a prayer for my sanity, patience...and maybe a miracle!  Haha!    I hope you have a great week, and hopefully we will be back with more stories soon!!  Lots of love, Brooke and Brian...and Riley!

Friday, December 5, 2008

I have missed you!!

Well hello blogger friends, it has been way too long since we have been together, but this year has turned out to be quite busy!!  So much has happened since October I don't even know where to begin, but I guess I will just update you on what is going on at the Cole household.

This weekend we are dog-sitting for my parents and my sister as they are off partying in Vegas (well not so much partying as they are watching the NFR and shopping, and more shopping, and more shopping) and it has turned out to be a bigger job than expected, and I don't think big ol' Riley likes being stuck outside while the little dogs get to snuggle inside where it is warm.  We bought a baby gate to keep the small dogs in while we are gone to school and thought it was the greatest idea to keep them contained...not so much!  Courtney's dog Angel probably weighs 3 pounds and is quite sneaky.  Thursday night we put the dogs in the kitchen and said goodnight and went to bed, well Angel decided she did not like to be trapped in the kitchen with Taz, so she hopped up on a chair and jumped over the baby gate and was barking at our door.  So lesson learned we moved all chairs away from the gate, put the dog back and went to bed.  Tonight we went to supper, put the dogs in the kitchen, and came home to find Angel, who is normally clothed (ask her mother) undressed and out of the kitchen.  The clothes that she was wearing apparently came off as she was squeezing herself though the baby gate!  Poor Taz is a little bit rounder than Angel and well, he did not get out of the baby gate!  Haha!

Angel's shirt is the teal colered thing inthe corner that is standing on its own!!

As many of you know already, but for those of you who don't, my volleyball team won the Consolation bracket for the City Tournament.  We had to really fight to win, and I was so proud of my team.  It was so exciting for them to win a trophy, and it was so exciting for me to accomplish this with my first volleyball team.  Now that we are on to basketball I thought it was going to be pretty laid back and easy, I have been told of how great this group of girls would be for me and that they were so talented in basketball, boy was I wrong.  Not that they aren't talented, because they could easily win all their games this season and go on to win the city tournament, but the girls have developed this attitude (I know who would have thought junior high girls with attitude) and are not listening or trusting me.  I have given this team a motto and it is "I do what I want" (you have to say it with a little ghetto in ya) and they hate it when I point it out to them.  But just as junior high girls will do, some days we have great practices and everybody is in a good mood, and most days we have some sort of drama...oh the life of a junior high girl!!!  Needless to say we are working hard and hopefully we can get it together and start playing to our potential!!  

Brian has also been working at Atkins with our Choir teacher and he absolutely loves it.  I knew that we had made the right choice in staying in Lubbock when he was offered to be employed by LISD and work with an amazing choir teacher, and get some good experience before he heads into student teaching.  It is so cool to see God's plan unfold, especially when you have to make a choice and you start feel that you made the wrong one, and God steps in and shows you why he put you where you are.  So Brian is really having a good time.  The kids love to come in and tell me that they saw Mr. Coach Cole (yes, not Mr. Cole, he is Mr. Coach Cole).  I also had a student come to PE the other day after Choir and she was so worried because Mr. Coach Cole wasnt wearing his wedding ring and she thought we werent married anymore. After explaining to them that he just left it at home they were very releived, but it is so sad that they automatically assume things like that.  I have been told over and over that we work with damaged kids, but it is hard to understand until you hear their stories and work firsthand with them.  I know that Brian and I were put at Atkins for a reason and I think that just seeing us together is help to them.  I know that Brian has definitely helped some of the boys at that school, and I love to hear them talk about how cool Mr. Cole is!!

Well I am not sure how much more I have to say right now, there are thousands of stories, funny and sad, that I have to share about our jobs and dogs, so stay tuned and hopefully it wont take me 3 months to post again!!  Have a great weekend!!