Friday, June 20, 2008

What a week!!!

Wow!!  This has been the craziest week ever!  Starting a few weeks ago Brian and I started interviewing for new jobs, we went to Lovington and interviewed, and I had an interview in Lubbock.  Well after waiting and waiting and waiting, and a little more waiting we finally had some response, actually multiple responses and both places offered us jobs.  I guess that is the "you get what you pray for" so be careful.  So after a little more prayer and talking it over we decided that the best place for us would be Lubbock so we are staying put for a while, and much to my mothers dismay (and I guess anyone else who had a fued with Lamesa) I will be a Tornado at Atkins Middle School.  I am so very excited, I will be teaching girls PE and I am one of 3 other girls coaches for all athletics.  So my work load is going to be way less and I can hardly contain my excitement!!!  

Now as for Brian, he will be walking across the stage at LCU in December with his Bachelors in Music and I am so proud of him!!!  He is actually already done with school, but that is just the next graduation date.  He is most likely going to substitute for LISD while he finishes up his education degree.  

This week was also exciting because I had the chance to babysit Abbye for the first time!!  She is so sweet and we had a blast (well I did, and I guess sleeping is pretty fun for her)!  It is so fun to have babies around and I wish Miss K was a little closer (that is my other baby cousin Kenna Beth and she is so precious too)!  

Monday, June 16, 2008

Our First Blog!!!

As exciting as our first blog may be...Brian doesn't want me to get "all corny" so I will just say YAY and be done with it.  

 After a super fun weekend with my folks in Lovington for Fathers Day we are home and starting another week.  Brian is sweating his life away at Standard Coffee, but really enjoys goofing off with his coworkers and planning 80's dance videos to be viewed over the surveillance film.  I on the other hand am just wondering aimlessly waiting for someone to offer me a job so we will know what lies ahead of us, either Lovington schools or Lubbock schools, but as for now nobody knows.  

We have a special dog named Riley, and by special we mean we don't know what kind he is.  We love to just sit and watch him run around and whine because he needs some attention (he is so mistreated). 

Well I guess that is all for know from our happy little home, and I guess we will see what tomorrow will bring ...hopefully a new job!!