Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hello Old Friends!

My Dad's 50th Birthday

Pop's on his birthday!! Gotta love him!
Me and Brian....this is how we feel after a week of school!! Haha!
Here we case you forgot what we looked like!!

Well after much harrassment I am updating our blog for ya!! We have just been so busy running between volleyball games and choir concerts for PTA that we have not had time since school has started! We celebrated my Dad's 50th Birthday this month and it was so much fun....I think there like a 100 people in our house....ok so that is an exaggeration, but there were 20+!! We have just been teaching, coaching and trying to stay awake long enough for our shows every night!! Haha, I feel old!!

Brian has now moved from his middle school placement at Dunbar to his elementary placement at Roscoe Wilson. He had so much fun at Dunbar with John Paul and the kids and was not ready to move to elementary! After a few days of convincing he realized that Roscoe Wilson was not so bad! Now he comes home with stories of how cute the kids were today rather than how bad the kids were!! Graduation is just around the corner, he has a countdown going on his ipod, and checks it regularly!! After passing his PPR test that he has to take to be a teacher he is just waiting to get into a music test so that he can be fully certified!! I know that he would never tell you this, but he has received so many compliments from several people, even people who have nothing to do with teaching, but just work at LCU!! I am so proud of him!

I am still working like a mad woman at Atkins with my sweet little angels who are not so sweet most of the time! We are just finishing up Volleyball season this week, and I am a little sad! The girls worked so hard, and I am so proud of them! Things have been pretty good, although we are suffering from several losses at Atkins. Two of our teachers have lost immediate family during this school year, my sweet Kammi from last year lost her dad, and one of our current athletes lost her mom, so we are struggling. Aside from the loss, we are having a good year, hard but good! Second six weeks is hard because the newness has worn off and the kids are starting to get a little braver about breaking rules. So mean Coach Cole has to come out every once in a while...and we all know that mean Coach Cole is a little crazy!
Well that is all for now, hopefully I can keep you a little more updated!! Maybe it wont be months again before I post!!


judesmom said...

Glad you are alive!!! See you Thanksgiving!

Leslye said...

I student taught at Roscoe Wilson in 4th grade in all the classes and Kindergarten with Mrs. Hack. It is a neat school! Have fun Brian and enjoy the countdown!